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 2D Floor Plan -

A 2D floor plan is a type of diagram that shows the layout of a property or space from above. It will often show the walls and room layout, plus fixed installations like windows, doors, and stairs as well as furniture. 2D means the floor plan is a “flat” drawing, without perspective or depth.

2D black and white floor plans have a clean, professional look. These types of floor plans are perfect for interior design proposals, home and energy appraisals, and applications for building and use permits. Include symbols, text and labels to indicate relevant information such as property orientation, area, appliance locations, and more

 What You Receive

  •  DWG Files of floor Plan

  •  PDF files of floor Plan 

  •  PNG & JPEG if needed

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Transforming Your Surroundings

Hi-Tech3D  Services has been creating stunning structures that shine. Inspired by urban cityscapes, our designs emphasize beauty, flexibility and purpose. We’re passionate about what we do and know that what matters most is the vision of our clients. With clients spread across 25+ countries globally and production facility in India with 17,000+ completed projects.





Hi-Tech3D Services supports our clients with complete range of Point cloud conversion services. We deliver a full range of BIM modeling projects. We work on parametric family creation, model creation for all LOD (Level of Detail), 4D and 5D support and model phasing, as well. We also provide complete support for CAD to BIM, point cloud to BIM, SCAN to BIM and PDF to BIM conversions.

 2D Floor Plans Are Perfect For…

  • Real Estate Listings

  • Property Marketing

  • Home Appraisals

  • Energy Appraisals

  • Home Design

  • Interior Design

  • Home Remodels

  • Home Renovations

  • Property Layouts

  • Office Layouts

  • Commercial Spaces

  • Flooring Layouts

  • BIM Modeling

Real Estate Appraiser
Hotel Restaurant and Bar

Why are Floor Plans Important?

Floor plans are important to show the relationship between rooms and spaces, and to communicate how one can move through a property. Floor plans are an essential part of real estate marketing and home design, home building, interior design and architecture projects. Creating a floor plan is the best way to start a home design project of any sort.

You can use a floor plan to communicate your ideas more clearly as well as to show the potential of a layout. Creating a before and after floor plan is an excellent way to demonstrate the scale and scope of a project to a home builder or contractor, which will help you to get better and more accurate pricing.

Floor plans are also critical for creating furniture layouts so that you know what items will fit and which won’t. This will save you time and effort when moving, setting up a new home or office space and it can help you to avoid making expensive mistakes.

Some common uses for floor plans include selling a home, creating real estate listings, illustrating new-built homes, and planning home improvement and home renovation projects.

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