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MEP is an acronym that stands for mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering. ... Working with qualified MEP engineering companies brings many advantages: installation costs are reduced by optimizing material requirements, while achieving high performance and code compliance.

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What is MEP and HVAC?

MEP stands for mechanical electrical and plumbing parts of the house. HVAC on the other hand stands for the heating ventilation and air conditioning system of the house

What is BIM MEP?

BIM is an intelligent, 3D model-based process that helps MEP professionals design, detail, and document building systems more efficiently. Working in a BIM process gives project teams more insight into designs and constructability, reducing risk and improving outcomes

What is included in MEP?

  • installing air conditioning systems.

  • water supply and drainage systems.

  • firefighting systems.

  • electrical power and lighting systems including transformer substations and emergency power generators.

  • fire protection and alarm systems.

  • voice and data systems.

  • security access and surveillance systems.

  • UPS.

What are MEP drawings?

MEP drawings are coordinating drawings that proactively solve spatial issues between mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components that will be installed in a building. ... In addition, MEP drawings ensure that your systems don't interfere with the structure of your building itself

What is MEP works in construction?

MEP WORK is a field of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing works of the building. ... Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) refers to these aspects of building design and construction. In commercial buildings, these aspects are often designed by an engineering firm specializing in MEP.

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